Friday, February 1, 2013

Boba Air Baby Carrier Review and Giveaway

 I love Boba! I began using Boba 3G some time ago and it is a wonderful carrier. I have tried other carriers as well. However they were all missing one thing...Some sort of carrier for the carrier. Also, I often forget, after cleaning the van out, to put my carrier back into the vehicle and end up at the store, or the library,
(big sister is always disappointed when she isn't the one in the carrier :-))

with no means to carry my little one, other then on my hip. Also there always seem to be a time when my kiddo's come to the age, where they want to be carried, then walk, then carried, then walk. I hate putting on and taking off my carrier in the stores, or even worse, placing them into the cart. Boba has once again impressed with their ingenious NEW carrier, The Boba Air!
  The Boba Air is a Soft Structured Carrier that is intended for children between 15-45lbs. The Boba Air is extremely light, weighing less then a pound, and one of the best parts about it, it folds up into itself for easy storage! It can fit into a diaper bag, a purse
                (fits easily in my Thirty~One inside out bag)or even just set in the vehicle and you don't have to worry about the actually carrier being dirty. However if it does get dirty it is made of 100% nylon, so it is very easy to wipe up and get clean. The fact it is Nylon, is why it can fold up into itself as well.
Like the Boba 3G, the Boba Air has a sleeping hood, so you can protect little one from the sun or rain or wind, or simply help hold up his/her head while napping. Also like the Boba 3G, the Boba Air can be worn on the front or back. It also has all of the same great features such as the military grade buckles, and the elastic to hold the straps, to keep them from flapping around.

Another feature I love about the Boba Air, is even while 31 weeks pregnant I can still wear my little one, without the need of an extension belt. It is plenty comfortable. I will add though, my husband asked my 3 and a half year old if her legs were getting a little sore after being worn for over an hour. She said yes (not really sure if they truly were or not, because she didn't want to be put down) however if her legs were being held snug, it might have something to do with the big bowling ball ** on my frontside, could be causing a slight discomfort. But again, she didn't want to get out, so I am not completely sure if she was uncomfortable.

(my 3 year old (me 30 weeks pregnant) nice and comfy and close, I just am more comfortable, if I place her right under my belly and she curves up around it to lean in close)
When I first saw that the Boba Air had no real padding on the straps, I wondered how long I would be able to comfortably carry my little ones, esp. the older, bigger one. But I have not had any issues what so ever with discomfort. If I was planning a big hike or an all day zoo trip or something of that sort, I would recommend the Boba 3G, but for shopping trips, library trips & those types of errands, holidays at relatives, I would highly recommend this inexpensive way to conveniently wear your little one! The Boba Air is a must have for any and all diaper bags!

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I have received The Boba Air free for reviewing purposes. All of my statements are honest and my own as always.



  1. I would select the black.

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  3. i love the blue!! such an awesome, vibrant color!! thanks so much for the wonderful giveaway! a carrier that would fit in my diaper bag is like a dream come true!! :)
    beth c

  4. I would have to choose black it's slimming and goes with my wardrobe!!!

  5. I would choose the black
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