Thursday, January 9, 2014

Two things I Want To Change This Year

  I want this year to be different. I know that so many of us make New Years Resolutions, only to have them belly up by February. So I am not going to make a Resolution, I am just going to try to change some things. One thing I need to change is my schedule. We are far to busy, busy doing what exactly, I am not sure. But we are busy. I need to get things back to a simpler place. I know the kids will not like that, they love being busy more then I do!
  Another thing I would like to change is money. I love the whole idea of being frugal and all, but I also love to buy things, anything, diapers, groceries, thrift store finds just about anything.
I am curious to hear any ways that you have that may save you money, that you are being frugal. Also, what are some ways you have become less busy with just busyness? All these things and more for the new year, 2014!

1 comment:

  1. Just visiting blogs this evening.

    This year I want to redo my home, as cheaply as possible. I've been in a funk and I think I might be coming out of it so its time to paint and do the things I dreamed about doing for the house. I know deep within me, is a creative person - I just need to let that person OUT to play.

    Have a good evening.