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Welcome to My Baby Bump Journal.

I will take you through my pregnancy experience, I’ve always wanted to write about my pregnancies and always wrote it on a notebook. This time around I’m writing it on my blog.
I will share how I’m feeling, and just being real and being “ME”.
I would love for you all to join me and a couple of other Blogger Friends of mine that so happened to pregnant at the same time as myself. At the bottom of my post they will link up so be sure to check out their experience as well.

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Let the Baby Bump Grow !


    9 weeks...Wow 9 weeks. I am not sure to think of it as wow I am already 9 weeks, or to think wow, I have a long way to go still. This will be our eighth little one, and I am just about as nervous of having another one, as I was of having the first! I love being pregnant, growing tummy, feeling the baby move, hearing the heartbeat, it is very exciting.
     However this pregnancy has already been different. I have been nauseous, every day and night. I have never experienced this before. I now have an entirely new sympathy for all of the mama's who have morning sickness. It is awful. I thought at first if I just snacked all day then I would feel better. It did help a little, however not entirely and I really don't need to gain 100 lbs. Yes I have broken out the maternity cloths, only because they are comfy and I think I like my maternity wardrobe better than my regular, it is so cute ;-) I have had a few cravings, but nothing extreme, however I also have not been enjoying the same foods as I usually do. Oh and did I mention the fact that I burp, out of nowhere, I never burp, well until now.
    This being my eighth it did not take long for my belly to pop right out there, and I am not talking about low (where I know my uterus is) no I am talking about higher up. Making me look like I am about 4 months along or more. I am slightly embarrassed by this, not wanting people to notice just yet. And no I am not having twins, well not to my knowledge.
  I do plan on having this baby at home like the last 3 of course. However I did have an issue, nothing to serious, with the last delivery. Which then made me look back and realize at the beginning of the pregnancy I had some pain. So I am going to make a couple of visits to an OB/GYN. I am scheduled to see her in just a week. It has been a long time since I have been to an OB, not my favorite place to go, haha. I do look forward to having my mind put at ease though. I am not a huge U/S supporter, but because of having two miscarriages and one just in May, I would love to see this little one growing healthy and happily. Every little twitch or twinge tends to care me, even if for only a moment. I know I should rest in the arms of the Lord and know that He is good, but I am only human, and I do want this little baby to be born big and healthy and strong in April, sometime around the 4th. I am always late though so...
 I am sure that it will be another girl. I would be terrified to have another son. I am just not a boyish mama, I know girls and am much better with girls, after all I am one. I know several in the family would like it to be a boy, but after all of these girls, I am just banking on another girl. I would love to fight the temptation of not finding out, but i am to much of a planner. I probably will find out and just not tell, sshhh
  Well that's what is going on here with me at my 9 week mark, how are you doing at the stage of pregnancy you are at? Link up and I would love to hear all about it!

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  1. aww.. tiff.. eat some saltine crackers maybe that helps.. so nice to read about your baby bump.. i too agree im kinda nervous even though i have 2 already :)