My Birth Stories

It all started on Good Friday. Our Pastor challenged all of us (if able) to fast until the services that evening. So I thought I would as well, I do NOT recommend fasting for an entire day while pregnant. I started contracting mid afternoon. We left the service a little early and thought maybe...We ate supper and my husband was so excited he wanted to set up the birthing pool. I told him no, I wanted to wait but he was excited. He said he would leave it up if nothing came of it.
Shortly after I ate, the contractions stopped. Which I had thought was a big possibility of happening. The next day was very uneventful. Our two youngest got in the pool and played around. They kept referring it to it as a boat, it was very cute. I got in and it was very soothing to my hips and tailbone. Off and on I would have steady contractions, but I was trying not to say anything. My husband was asking several times a day "anything" He stayed around the house that whole week, just in case.
On the April 5th a little after midnight I felt a good contraction while laying in bed. I decided to get up and go to the bathroom. I walked slowly just to give my body a chance to have another, if it was going to. I knew they were different, as we more experienced mama's typically do. I wanted my husband to get as much sleep as he could, and I was afraid Syhven (our little one sleeping beside/with us) would wake up. I began to set things up, fill the pool up and such. I had tried to get my worship music play list started, with no luck.

the last couple of hours of my pregnancy
I woke my husband at around 1:30 a.m. or so maybe. My seven year old awoke with bad dreams, so she was laying on the couch, while our thirteen year old was sleeping in our bed just in case Syhven woke up. I was hoping she wouldn't, but she had never slept through the night as of yet. So I was hoping our daughter could keep her calm while I was busy. On a little side note, Syhven has started sleeping through the night pretty much every night since Orchid has been born. Which is an awesome answered prayer. I had been worried at first, and just gave my worries to God. I figured He put it in me to co-sleep so He was going to have to fix it. And He did :-) Praise HimThankfully my husband was able to get my worship music playing.
Now I had never used music during my labors, but after reading Redeeming Childbirth by Angie Tolpin (highly recommend) I used her play list to create my own, and it was a God send.
I got into the pool and turned my focus to the Lord. I tend to turn inward while in labor so my husband would lay down for a few minutes and come back in to check on me. He left me alone for the main part, and that's what I wanted. I enjoyed listening and very quietly singing with the music between the contractions. During the contractions, I would pray, or often I found myself singing the chorus "like a rose, trampled on the ground, you took the fall and thought of me, above all". The Lord sent this chorus to me, to remind me of His Love and His Power. It was amazing, in my past deliveries I have always prayed for strength and thanked Jesus for my baby directly after delivery, but I have never been entirely focused on the Lord like I was this time. He was in every moment of this labor and delivery, again thanks to Redeeming Childbirth.
When I knew it was very close I told my husband "if you want to record it, you better turn on the camera now". He did and he got into the pool. With the next contraction, I had the urge to push. For the first time with my water deliveries I felt my waters break. Once the head was out, my husband wanted me to push again, I assured him it was ok and I waited until I felt the urge again. As I pushed my little baby girl out from my body and into her daddy's hands, I called out to the Lord "Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ be with me" and He was! Orchid Catherine was born at 3:34 A.M. and moments later our five oldest children came running. They met their little sister, who was covered in thick vernix to my surprise, and I asked them to go back to bed for now. When they did, My husband and I were beaming at what God had blessed us with, and my personal favorite song, The Revelation Song, came on. I began to sing, without noticing. I glanced at my loving husband and saw he was also singing. It was a very beautiful moment.
I delivered the placenta about twenty minutes later. I handed over my precious darling to her big brother (who was thrilled with this honor) and rinsed off in the shower. My husband helped me to and fro. I went into the living room and nursed for over forty minutes! Once she was finished, daddy weighed and measured her. She weighed in at 8lbs 14oz to my amazement, and 20 1/2 inches. Everything was perfect that night Praise God.

Orchid sucking her thumb right after delivery
I want to add, that I love having our babies at home. It is such a very wonderful blessing. We also have chosen to deliver our children without the assistance of another midwife. I had always felt good about my births. I was turned on to Redeeming Childbirth, a book by Angie Tolpin. I was so very blessed by this book, as are many I am sure. As we later watched the birth of Orchid that we had recorded then went back and watched our now three years old birth. I was shocked at how much more peaceful Orchids birth was, even in the last moments, I was so calm. My breathing was even much calmer. I know this is due to reading Angie's book and putting into practice all she suggests. I had the birth I had prayed for, and Christ was with me every moment. I felt His presence and it was so reassuring, and such a blessing. I know that for any and all births, I will be rereading Redeeming Childbirth throughout my pregnancy. I highly recommend everyone to buy this book, you will certainly be blessed as well. It is not just for homebirthing mama's either. As Angie points out God not only can be with you even in the operating room, if you have to have a cesarean section, but He should be with you.
Daddy bringing Orchid to mama
Orchid a day after she was born

I love all things Birth...So I think I will share my birth stories with you. Starting with Syhven's, our youngest. I do hope you enjoy.

                                              Syhven Jaklyn
                                      (Becky spiritual mom & midwife, daddy, Syhven, sister Blixon & sister Haven)
   It was March 24th 2011 and I was just a week away from my due date. I was taking our other six children to Zanesville (40min. away) to get all of the shopping done before the baby came. I always go over but I figured that with all of the practice contractions I had been having I would get everything ready. I had a pain in my left side almost the entire drive but I thought that once I got out of the van and stretched, I would walk it out. Only that was not at all what happened...
    The kids had to use the bathroom before shopping, so we headed back to the back of Walmart. By the time we reached the bathroom I was in agony. I thought maybe I had to go as well. I tried and couldn't and went to stand up and started vomiting. I called my husband and he told me to go across the street to the hospital. Now I have my babies at home so this was not what I was wanting at all. And of course I knew that something was not right because the pain was not contractions. So I hobbled my way to the van and we went to the hospital. I got to the maternity floor, and do know, not one person asked if I was bleeding at all. I find that very strange. By the time they had me all hooked up and had checked me (I was at a 5) my husband got there. The mysterious pain had also gone away. So my husband asked if I wanted to have the baby there, knowing I did not, he said lets go. The hospital was very unhappy.
   So on our way home he persuaded me to call "everyone" I kept telling him I didn't think it was really time. But he insisted because the last one came so quickly and I was already at a 5. So we came home and set the birth pool up. His mom & step dad came and his dad and step mom came and my spiritual mom and midwife came. I had contractions off and on but nothing I would consider "it's time" However everyone was there...
   I felt like I needed to have the baby that day, as to not let everyone down because they drove so far. I know, I should know better, but that's me. The midwife had not intended staying the night, we weren't sure she would even make it in time. However by the nights end I had been in and out of the birth pool, I had tried some pressure points. I have to admit it though with people there, it was very distracting. I tried to put my mind in "labor" but if I had not went to the hospital no one would have been called. I would have just figured I was getting ready. I started and stopped that whole day and into the evening. His dad and step mom left due to work. I tried staying up to try to labor, but I did lay down for several hours and slept.
   The next morning we tried some herbs and walking the stairs. I had been complete for hours but still, baby was high and I wasn't really feeling like I was even in true labor (which leads me to believe I probably would have been complete for several days & I probably was with my last). The midwife and I talked about driving to Columbus, because there was a chance something was going on to keep me in prolonged labor (my last was 90 min) but we gave it a little more time.
Finally I got a good strong contraction. One that I would have picked up the phone and called somebody! The midwife and I were both praising God during my moaning, while she was squeezing my hips (something I had done to many moms, but never had done to me) I can't believe how much of a pain killer hip squeezes are. I wanted to have another water birth, they are so much easier and less painful. We were concerned with the possibility of a short cord though so I had to birth in my bed-so didn't want to.
   We videoed my last two births and had planned to this one, but I wasn't feeling it. We got daddy in the room and soon his mom. I was thinking a couple of pushes and here she wold be. Nope, we tried several positions and gentle pushing at first. Finally I ended up on my knees holding on to my wrought iron head bored pushing my little heart out. Man did I forget how it felt to have a baby out of the water, night and day people! I have to say it was awful. Yes I feel bad saying that, but after you have a water birth, you never want to birth on land again and for good reason. Dad still got to catch though, so he was happy! I yelled out, there at the end as I always do, yes I am a yeller when they are coming out.
I turned around and saw my precious little blessing. i was surprised to see such a dark haired little girl. We had little toe headed blondies usually. I mean if I had her at the hospital I would have denied she was mine, oops. I did bleed more than usual, and we questioned if I possibly had a partial abruption. I asked if everyone was ok with allowing Jamie's step dad to cut the cord. I was very fond of him and he is such a sweet loving kind man. he was ecstatic. He was shaking so badly he could hardly hold the scissors in his hands.
After an entire day of labor my baby was finally here (11:07 am) with us a week early. She was a healthy 8lb 8 oz (same as Gala) and 20.5 inches long.
  I can look back now and in the beginning of my pregnancy in my left side I had some discomfort. However I did have an u/s and nothing was discovered so I don't know if it was related to my awful pain I had at Walmart. I also ended up with a terrible UTI that I treated with D mannose.
   What I learned-that I will not call anyone until I know that it is time. About an hour and half before baby arrives. Because I am ok with it just being Jamie & I with God by our sides when our baby comes, if that is, if He decides to bless us again.

(my crazy super cute, super sweet baby)

                             Gala Lee 
                                               (born May 15th 2005)
 I was in the middle of my Doula Certification when I met, what would be one of the most important women in my life. I was attending La Leche, and one of the Leaders told me about a local Midwife. I had always wanted a homebirth, however I went out to interview her for a report on Midwifery for my certification. While I was there I managed to ask her if she would be willing to take me on as a client, despite the fact I was half way through my pregnancy. She agreed and I couldn't have been happier!
  So during those next few months I gathered everything I would need for my home water birth. I have to admit, I was a little nervous. After all my first two deliveries were hospital deliveries. I had high blood pressure during both labors, and took a small dose of narcotics with both, and had episiotimies. How would Gala's birth go, would I be safe, could something go wrong? Nah I would be fine. Jamie took about a month to convince, but when I sold him on the idea there was no going back.
  It was a Sunday morning I woke up around 6 a.m. and decided to let Jamie sleep, after all my first two took over nine hours, even with pitocin. I knew we wouldn't be going to church, so I watched John Haggee on T.V. while lightly bouncing on the birth ball. I swept the floors and started setting everything up. I called Becky (my midwife) she told me to try to eat something, and she was going to come over and check me before she went to church. I woke Jamie up and he started to fill the pool. However this took forever! Becky came and she checked me and to my surprise I was an 8, an 8 can you believe it, I couldn't. I can remember her saying "well I was going to go to church, but I think I'll stay" I was so happy and as I said, very surprised. I was able to get into the pool, however it was very full, but it still felt very good. The kids began to wake up and file downstairs. They ate a little and things progressed extremely quickly. Jamie videoed the whole thing. I can remember telling Becky "I can't do this" She was so kind and so reassuring. Letting me know that I could do this, I am doing this. She was my rock at that moment. The children enjoyed pouring water over my tummy and it was sweet. I was very vocal. We discussed this later, and Becky felt that Gala's birth was very healing for me, after having hospital births and told to be quiet the entire time. I knew this was my birth and I was going to do what ever I wanted! At 9.A.M. My baby girl arrived into this world. Very easy (I breathed her out) and so peacefully. With my children around the pool. I thanked Jesus for my new baby, and I cried with joy. We let our oldest, our son cut the cord (as we thought Gala was out last) He was a little scared when it bled.
  When I got out and went into the bathtub to take a calming herb bath, I can remember thinking, I can't believe I am sitting her on this hard tub and I am not sore at all, I was amazed! No blood pressure problems, no episotimy, everything was great, and my birth only lasted four hours. I was so pleased with Gala's birth. As was Jamie. Within the first five minutes Jamie had said "if we have another one, we are going with you" looking at Becky. I thought, wow, give me a minute. But I was happy, he was happy. I didn't have to leave my house, my children were able to be a part of her birth and after, I wasn't sore I got to be in the comfort of my own home.
  Little did I know my life would change drastically, after having my first home birth with Becky...